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2016 Brought More Awareness In Accepting LGBTI Community SA

02 | 01 | 17

Pride is one of South Africa's biggest festivals. Going to Pride is on my bucket list of music festivals I would like to attend in South Africa above any other festival.

The beauty about "Pride" is that it's a festival about bringing consciousness and awareness to people about the LGBTIQ community, it's about loving people and one self. It stems from the core value of Ubuntu as an African; being human through other people, which comes from a Nguni saying "Umntu ngu mntu nga bantu" and in my interpretation that is ubuntu at Pride.

Hopefully more straight people will attend Pride over the coming years.


In South Africa, we witnessed more artists bringing awareness into South Africans accepting the LGBTI community. Cape Town based trio, Goodluck remixed an old 90's song called "Thinking About You". The rendition of the song was beautiful, they made the song cool. The music video is about a gay couple that separates after a fight, they miss each other badly and in the end they get back to their senses and reconcile, like any other couples that are in love. Goodluck could have used a straight couple but there is no difference if the couple is straight or gay. Love just like blood is red, is all the same.


Three weeks before Goodluck dropped that music video. Euphonik and MiCasa had dropped their music video for "Don't Wanna Be (Your Friend)". This music video touched on another topic that most people get into at some point. When you want to take things to another level with someone but they only see you as a friend. The music video was more deep because it came out during the height of racial tension in South Africa (the period where social media was made up of racial slurs and outrage). All three of the couples in this music video are interracial from the straight to the gay and lesbian. Proving our love stories are all the same regardless of your sexuality.


The "You Say You Love Me" music video was the one "The Kiffness" used to pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando Shootings in Florida, USA. The music was finished on the day of the shooting so the Kiffness were also spreading their awareness as well. Their message was about being proud of who you are. The lead in the video is not the singer (Tawanna Shaunte) but one of Cape Towns best known drag artists, Manila Von Teez. Lack of self love is not something only suffered in the LGBTI community. The fact that the Kiffness brought the attention to the LGBTI community was great.

South African television screens also had their favourite gay people in Manila Von Teez and Khaya Dlala. Manila Von Teez took South Africa by storm as the runner up on "South Africa Got Talent" while Khaya Dlala plays as GC on SABC 1 hit series "Uzalo". Khaya Dlala is one of South Africa's most loved onscreen personalities, incase you missed that point.

Khaya Dlala

Manila Von Teez is a drag artists and Khaya Dlala also sings, hopefully in 2017 they could collaborate on a visual project even if it's one music video.

Hopefully in 2017 we can end hate speech and crime in South Africa against the LGBTI community. The death of Noluvuyo Swelindawo in Cape Town this last December should not happen again. Hate has destroyed this country for centuries and it has to end.

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