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Review: 9 Ether Releases #BreeSt

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Cape Town has a tendency of being blamed for raw aggression when it comes to hp hop, hence hip hop artists hailing from CPT are always said to be not so radio friendly. Funny thing is, CPT is never given the credited for raw creativity. The production of this EP is nothing less than raw creativity and it's hip hop not the other genres (Freshlyground or Goldfish or Pascal & Pearce).

Review: 9 Ether Releases #BreeS

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Let me introduce you all to 2 9Ether Movement members GREEKGOD whom I had a pleasure to interview late last year and Ninety4 (rapper and sound engineer). They recently moved to Johannesburg a few months back and within those few months they released a collaboration project called #BreeSt consisting of 5 songs. The project literally starts from that name Bree Street. Bree Street in Jozi CBD is one of the most popular street names because it has 2 main taxi ranks (Bree and MTN taxi rank) and the street is always busy with people going or coming from work. Bree Street in Cape Town CBD is one of the popular streets in the Mother City unlike Joburg though it's less busy but filled with creative businesses.

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Now combine busy and creativity and you get the direction of this project. GREEKGOD and Ninety94 first released #RealOnezzz back in February. That song on Soundcould deserved more plays. The sound was fresh. But if you looking for a consistent sound in this project than you be will disappointed because the only thing that is consistent is fresh sounds. Each song is different, giving it another reason the production is so impressive.

While the sound may have been different and creative the song matter in the song has been a bit more consistent. One thing I can deduce is that one rapper inspiration was more fantasy and too much reference to other rappers. The other's inspiration is more his real daily life issues and past experiences. Each ones inspiration is not bad as artists their roles are to tell stories with their words but they need to present their art like Pablo whether it's fictional or a reality.

This project put together by GREEKGOD & Ninety4 is probably the freshest project to come from Cape Town. Production wise my favourite song is #GawyekeFosta and Calley's line when he says "Ziya fosta iF##k boys sase Skomline" is just a icing on the cake. The irony of that line iQgom (house sub genre) which is the inspiration of this song has been made popular kwaLanga. I am not sure when it comes to my favourite verse but it's between GREEKGOD's verse from #BGYMTJBC (Baby Gurl Your More Than Just A Booty Call) or the one from #RealOnezzz. I do like #13thFloor because no matter how you feel or what you are doing you going to add up turning up in your head or with your body.

Whether this is the project that puts Ninety4 and GREEKGOD nationally time will tell but these 2 9Ether members have not added numbers but quality to the South African music industry.

F.Y.I. The whole project was produced by GREEKGOD and engineered (recorded, mixed and mastered) by Ninety4.

By the way I do not have an overall favourite song because 4 songs are my favourite out of the 5. Ask yourself is there any other rappers that sound like these guys, that are currently popular? AKA, KO, Kwesta, Cassper, Emtee, Reason, Kid X, Nasty C, WTF, DreamTeam, Khuli.....

Cape Town be proud and South Africa please show love.

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