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Goodluck Shares Their New Music Video

31 | 05 | 16

If you did not know than now you know, Goodluck have made a beautiful rendition of a 90's classic called "Thinking about you" by the British band Londonbeat. The original version was released 26 years ago in October.

Goodluck Shares Their New Video

Music Video

This music video is the second one released by the Cape Town band in 2016 after “Kota” with Tswane duo of Black Motion. The music concept did not disappoint at all. I found it cool that South African artists are finding ways to address not just political problems but the every day social problems in their art.

Goodluck in this music video address that homosexual relationships go through the same thing as the so called traditional relationships in this country. We all suffer from missing those we are in love with.


The location of the video is pretty cool and I do not want to get ahead of myself and say the video was shot in South Africa but if it is than this is another example of how beautiful South Africa is. I still can't get over Jules (Goodluck's lead singer) hair.

The only disappointing thing is that Goodluck's international fan base may not be able to see this music video yet due to licensing issues.

To Goodluck thank you for making a currently cheesy hit song so cool and relevant to today's market.

Please to the readers keep supporting local not because it's local but local is as dope as any other international market.

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