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Top Ten List Visuals by Youngsta

01| 06 | 16

There is nothing more dope than a city anthem. "Top Ten List" by Youngsta may not be about Cape Town but by default this song is a Cape Town anthem.

For some odd reason anything that is urban culture based Cape Town tends to be overlooked. Youngsta did this song for the hip hop culture but this song is bigger than that.

Capetonian football players, house music dj's, singers and even actors (actresses) should very much identify with this song.

So when the the hook says "Fuck a top list, my number is 021", it speaks to everyone black and coloured kid from Cape Town.

As Youngsta puts it, Capetonians do not mind constructive criticism. That does not mean we should be the only ones getting critised and not getting airplay.

This song should have had more cameo appearances than just Uno July (Ill-Skillz) and El-Nino (Driemanskap).


As for those hanged bodies it may seem extreme but it's actually a frustration of a rapper who is actually letting his work speak for it self. Sadly his work is being overlooked by other things that make a person a great rapper like so called radio singles.

Had this been an American song it would have probably made it to the major music channels in South Africa.

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