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Now or Never Remix by DJ Switch

15 | 07 | 16

So DJ Switch released the most talked about remix of the year so far.

Now or Never Remix by DJ Switch

Truth be told with so many MC's in one song I was left underwhelmed. Please do not get me wrong these rappers can flow but there is nothing special about these verses.

The only verse I actually enjoyed was from Priddy Uggly. The subject matter from most of the rappers was a redundant subject.


I do not know what DJ Switch was looking for from the rappers but DJ Switch could have found a place for at least one female rapper out of the 8 rappers in this song.

Next year at the SAMA's, I do not foresee this being the song that retains Best Remix to the hip hop genre. For the Hip Hop Awards maybe the song is good enough to win Best Remix.

The order of the rappers:

  • Pro-Kid
  • Youngsta
  • Reason
  • GingerTrill
  • Siya Shezi
  • Kid Tini
  • Priddy Uggly
  • Zakwe
  • Shane Eagle
  • BigStar
  • Blaklez
  • Proverb


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