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New Video: Lay Down by Mathew Gold

31 | 03 | 16

New Video: Lay Down by Mathew Gold

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Mathew Gold has started 2016 on a high with "Lay Down" and couples have a theme for the bedroom this winter. The vocals and song writing of this song deserved a better music video. The music video is not bad but the music video did not match the greatness of the song.

Making a music video is not cheap either hence I am thankful that Mathew Gold at least put up some visuals for this song. As much they kept the concept simple but I think the visual production team could have done better.

I am not bashing the music video it's just that I am so excited that South African music is of this quality and this song just deserved a better music video. truth be told the best scenes of this music video are without the lead girl. I would rather have Mathew Gold been alone in this video. Instead of the girl being in the video, have her in a large picture on the wall. Than have another image of her on his work desk. Just show her in the end of the video when he goes to the bed room and she is calling him to lay down with her.

Maybe it's not the lead girl that I have a problem with but the styling. Once you go to that time era as a stylist you need to properly represent it. I enjoyed the song and I hope to hear it across the country because Mathew did a sterling job. As much I have a lot to say about the video I hope it gets on proper rotation on the music video channels and shows.

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