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New Video: Ekasi By Boolz

15 | 05 | 16

One of Cape Towns leading rappers Boolz just dropped a video for his song called "Ekasi". Anyone who understands the Cape Town township life will understand that this music video is not just a music video but a weekend night ekasi.

New Video: Ekasi By Boolz

Music Video

To the creative team of this music video they did justice to the story line. A day can start literally from the second scene where Boolz is being made an egg with bread by a hot girl. Lets just assume correctly that is his girlfriend. Guys tend to spend the day with their girls while the night is spent with the boys and once the night is over guys tend to call the main or side chick because none wants to sleep alone .

I am good with the fact that Boolz did not call his friends about what they going to do because the phone call scenes have been over done.

Before the night starts, guys tend to hook up at the car wash. Once the cars are clean the night starts with a visit to eslotini ( slang name for tavern) to buy some booze.

Before you start criticising the lack of girls in the video or their is way too much guys in the video. Sometimes that's the thing where guys just hang together with no girls and actually have fun. There will be that one girls most of the times hanging with the boys during the boys night out and she tends to either be very annoying or fun and it's this video the girl looks like dope company.

This song and the music video represented kwaLanga (township) pretty well, funny enough for those that are not from kwaLanga do not feel left out and that is what you call a South African kasi anthem. I hope this song actually blows up nationally.

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