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Music Video: 90's Laaitie by Uno July

10 | 07 | 16

In general I like this music video from Uno July. The whole 3D thing was a good risk but only problem about it is that not a lot of people will be able to enjoy the music video.

The music video itself is pretty much fun and very chilled. It moves away from the current trend of music video's when it comes to house parties theme as they are over the top. It is refreshing that Uno July went for a more realistic theme in the music video. These are those type of house parties that are not overly planned and are also experienced even at the hard times of the month.


Simple can be fun and being creative can work. The sound that Uno July goes for in this song actually works with the music video atmosphere.

My only problem was just that Uno July was too honest in this song. As a 90's kid I understand South African hip hop was not up to par like now. There were no real memorable hip hop moments or even artists that made you cringe locally. So, what could have made this song more relevant to South Africans, if Uno July had paid Kwaito legends the same respect he gives to the American hip hop legends. In the 90's Kwaito was very much Hip Hop to kids in the townships.

As much Uno July might not have listened to Kwaito at that time but those Kwaito legends were defining the environment around him. Truth be told a little lie is never bad sometimes because giving Trompies or BOP a shutout would have made this song even better because more people would see themselves in this song. There are plenty of 90's kids roaming around in Cape Town.

As I did put it out I actually like the song and the creativity of the music video. I do not think the song is strong enough to be big though in SA. That is not a bad thing Petite Noir is also not big in SA but made an impact in South Africa. #Other

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