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2016 has been YoungstaCPT's year of impact in Jozi

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“Sleep is For The Rich” by Youngsta featured former Boyz n Bucks member Stilo Magolide. Youngsta did release a song before “Sleep is For The Rich” called “Top Ten List”. With both of these songs Youngsta was making a statement. It is no secret that Youngsta thinks he is a better artist to most of the rappers in the top 10 list by MTV Base.


With “Sleep is For The Rich” he was telling people that his move to Jozi had nothing to do with the fast Jozi lifestyle but to get his share of the gwap in Jozi. Which made sense because the hook is done by a rapper (Stilo) who is more radio friendly.


Youngsta followed that up and featured on Stilo's single called “Pose Like Stilo”. This was Youngsta's biggest song in 2017 and probably Stilo's best song to date. Youngsta sounds really nice on the hook. If Youngsta was going to break through the Jozi commercial market this was a way to go without compromising his brand.


To round it up nicely, Youngsta collaborated with one of the most slept on artists in South Africa, Priddy Ugly. “Come To My Kasi” was a great way to end the year for Youngsta because Priddy Ugly complemented his hard rapping style well. The song is not a festive anthem but it is one of those songs anyone that likes rap can bob too with respect to new and old school cats.

Youngsta did not make the 2017 MTV Base top ten list or Tumi's list of top verses in 2016. In 2015 he made an impact in Jozi with a verse from “Way It Go” by DJ Switch. In 2016 Youngsta did something many Capetonians fail at, taking advantage of the impact they made the year before.

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