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New Music: YSL no Vans by Mtezman

05 | 11 | 14

New Music: YSL no Vans by Mtezman

Bumped into Mtezman few days ago and we had time to discuss few thing including his latest single YSL no Vans. I didn't wanna get into much details about the track like how it sounds or quote some few lines because I didn't even hear it, so I decided to get on it and download the track. I only played it once and got hooked, something interesting Mtezman said to me " I want people to know that YSL is a kwaito track before they download or listen to it". it's a masterpiece and Its the kind of music that's needed, you know kwaito with many hooks and few bars on verses, and it ain't nothing like Kwaito music. He also touches on the new generation how they rename or change things to suit new skool , from Panama to Bucket Hat just to give you a quick one. How things changed from back then to now and they way legendary artists used to call things back then, the track is full of energy and I believe it was well structured and planned for sometime before it was recorded. I give the track 5 mics simply because there's nothing missing on the track.

Favourite lines:

"Ntwana ungandidabuli if you can't mesmerise me, ndazi Ma Giver no Kurt Geiger ibucket hat isezi Panama "

"Besafasa nge size to size mayingangeni ingena ngenkani, Gusheshe to matchbox Caracara hamba ngo line"

Here's the link to the track.

By: @ThaRealSeyda (features writer)

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