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The Le Coq Sportif installation

01 | 03 | 17

The first name you need to remember from this article is Emile Camuset, and the main year that sets the tone for this blog post is 1882.

Have you ever had a moment where your heart beats at a relatively abnormal but good pace when you see an item of clothing? I normally have those when it comes to clothing cuts I am going to like, this is pure design, when cloth sowed together with other pieces of cloth make you feel some type of way.

That little hosiery store in Romilly-sur-Seine opened in the 19th century by Emile Camuset was the start of what we now know as Le Coq Sportif, a brand that not only found space in the South African market but has managed to find firm ground and foundation. My first introduction to Le Coq was a little over 7 years ago when my younger brother started wanting to wear a particular brand because of their golf t-shirt, heading to the shops to pick his shirts I noticed my first Le Coq sweater interest, in 2011 while covering Fashion Week, I stayed in Rissik central Joburg and a block from where I was being hosted, I saw my first Le Coq walk-in store and ended up purchasing t-shirts.

Fast forward to yesterday, the 1st of March 2017 for the #LCSW17 installation event hosted at the Tin Factory in Sandton. Love love love love how arty the event was put together, the music collaborated with Yoga, Cycling and Exercise, the latest sneaker and sweats with this stunner of a bag that I really wanted to hug for the rest of the week.

Le Coq launched their W17 range with sports luxe flair. and a stunning look book to match, the event was held together with a sporty feel that even I could relate to. With the brands established South Africa footing since 2008, the grow and interest towards the brand from trendy youth and trend seekers alike make it one of the power brands to know.

As we kick start the first month of fashion week in South Africa, I will be running a #SMMxLCXW17 competition here, so do keep tuned in as I share the competition details for #FashionFriday on @StreetMagMedia twitter and Instagram,

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