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#SAFW | Maria McCloy for #StyleBySA

29 | 03 | 17

Maria McCloy,who we've known more about through her PR work in the industry and lately through her design of accessories and shoes, showcased last night under the Woolworths #StyleBySA umbrella at South African Fashion Week held in Johannesburg.

Maria has been trading is crafted accessories for 10 years, with a humble start in the Newtown flea market scene and later trading and designing shoes available in a selection of artisan spaces like the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, Maboneng in Johannesburg. 10 years later, with a collective of other designers, Maria's collection will be available from 6 Woolworths stores around the country from the 12th of April, with some gradually being made available online via the Woolworths online shopping platform. When we talk of power moves, we are talking of brands and people like Maria pairing together to present a proudly African collection and a body of work that can be celebrated by everyone.

Well done Maria. Your work transcends into platforms beyond the landscape of just trends and your pace in getting to certain levels on the local fashion industry scene have been ones to watch. From trading in Maboneng on weekly market days to your period at Newtown Junction's Workshop space, we could for the longest time only admire with hopes that the rest of the country would have access to your body of work. And now through #StyleBySA and Woolworths South Africa can get a piece of the Maria McCloy magic. A slice of history was made last night at #SAFW and it was such a stunning moment.

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