#IAMAFRICA at Cape Town Fashion Week April 2019

Tanki EM April 03, 2019

AFI Cape Town Fashion Week


Have you ever considered fashion as a political statement? I think most of us in fashion have always noted fashion as such and this rings true to African fashion too, there is an air of defiance and flamboyance in African fashion, it is in this case a moment where I would agree with African Fashion International's opening line to a recent press release, African Fashion is a political statement.



Afro Continental CATWALK OF CULTURE | AFI Website


I stand with the notion that It is a representation of our heritage, a representation of our identity our core existence in threads. Africa has influenced the Global Fashion landscape to the points of pure unapologetic appropriation it is where creatives and designer across the world draw inspiration to design most often to depict a modern take to consumable fashion. A modern depiction of Africa is most often and underlying tone in design season after season and the comfort comes most for me, when it is African designers who present their works of art in fashion.


For April 2019 between the 9th to the 13th, creatives from across Africa will turn up in Cape Town and the "mother city" will experience a week-long of fashion and lifestyle festivities, this will be hosted and presented by African Fashion International (AFI).


On the back of the Condé Nast International Conference of which African Fashion International (AFI) is a major sponsor – AFI is once again bringing together the finest pan-African designers to showcase their latest ranges.


The fashion and lifestyle market bursts with prospects for up-and-coming designers, as well as distributors of raw materials alike. Cape Town and guests to the "Mother City" will be spoiled for choice as designers from Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameron and Morocco with strong African aesthetic in their creations pair up with local favourites such as the legendary Marianne Fassler , the internationally celebrated Maxhosa by Laduma and the fashionably forward Imprint ZA among other uber talented designers.


"Africa has always been a source of inspiration for the rest of the world. AFI is set up to showcase and propel African designers in order to promote their businesses. Africa can definitely compete with the global brands given the support and an enabling ecosystem, that is what AFI seeks to facilitate," says AFI Founder and CEO, Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe.


The African continent boasts the world’s largest millennial population and the fastest-growing middle class. Together, this represents an enormous opportunity for African luxury and commercial fashion brands. International luxury brands have penetrated local markets but lack valid African narratives that speak to distinct sense of style. While the world is investing in appealing to African consumers, home-grown creatives have the responsibility to set the trends.


"The idea of going back home is all about building a future, through strengthening the present and acknowledging the past. Our presence in the market is only as great as our ability to stand out," Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe adds.